Guided Tours

Treasures of the Sea offers tours for adults and school children that will amaze and entertain.

A guide will take your group through the exhibit where you will see a video on treasure hunter Mel Fisher's decades long journey to find the Atocha, touch real 17th century cannons and cannon balls, run your fingers over a silver ingot, trace the path to the New World on a map, and gaze on priceless artifacts including gold and emeralds. Plan your group trip now and get ready for an adventure back in time and deep under the sea!

Tour Information

  • One and a half hour tours with a tour guide.
  • Available at your convenience with at least 10 paid admissions.
  • A maximum of 60 people can tour the Exhibit in one and a half hours.
  • Please give us at least one week advance notice. A written confirmation will be mailed.

School Tours

Treasures of the Sea offers tours for school children that help teachers meet the State of Delaware content Standards! Tours also offer children a glimpse of priceless treasure, a new perspective on "dry" New World history, and hands-on activities. Schedule a tour for your class and start preparing for a journey into a new world! Teachers are FREE.

Pre-Tour Activities

  • Videos, Books, Games Puzzles (mailed upon request once tour confirmed)
  • Content Standards
  • Jumble
  • Glossary
  • People and Places
  • Write a Short Story

Group Tours

Group tours are available at your convenience with at least 10 paid admissions. Tour leaders and bus drivers are FREE.

Also Available

  • Gift shop, meeting room(s), Elsie Williams Doll Collection
  • Nature walk and outdoor pavilion for picnics
  • Free parking and handicapped access
  • Dining (not included in admission price): campus cafeteria, vending machines, catering, fast food restaurants nearby
Campus grounds and pond.